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Helping young children and their families to playfully connect through nutrition.


Easy to apply naturopathic techniques and recipe templates that promote intuitive cooking,

family fun and satisfied tummies.

Discover the world of detox for kids

With therapy grade clays for bath time,

world class, life changing supplements

and empathic nutritional consultations.

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Detox Therapy Clays

High quality calcium bentonite a.k.a montmorillonite clay powders to gently support releasing toxins and heavy metal residues via the skin. With clay books and resources.


Nutritional Consultation

An empathic approach to children's nutrition, supporting their physical and emotional well-being. 

With nutritional journaling and complementary supplements. 


Naturopathic Techniques

Introducing simple practices that can be added to everyday routines.
To boost the bodies natural capacity for self-healing, by clearing toxins, miasma and metabolic debris.


Recipe Templates

Traditional recipes simplified into their core components that can hold flexibility for different family members. Tried and tested methods for inviting partial or full participation for kids to join in the cooking.


Meal Time Play

Welcoming child led approaches to dissolve some of the tensions that often arise in traditional meal time scenarios. Exploring schematic play, games, roll play, different cultures, innovative  utensils, music and food crafting. 


Toys & Sourcing

  • Grown up and children's toys that can support the creation of meals, snacks, and nourishing experiences. 

  • Tools and aids for those with heightened sensitivities and stimulatory needs.

  • High quality supplement suppliers list.

  • Books and resources that support foundational concepts.

  • Links to support groups for natural health and immunity. 

Aurora Naturopathics

P.O. Box 5623

Castle Cary, BA9 0BU

Tel: (+44) 0 1963 548749

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